Dec 2021

Missio Dei: God Who Restores

The question is not whether God will accomplish His mission – that will happen. The question is whether or not we will know the joy of doing it with him.

For God’s mission is that we will be a kingdom of priests to the praise of His glory, who will bear witness to His gospel and advance His Church, and who will dwell with Him forever in restored heaven and earth.

If the Church is intended to be a concrete display of the kingdom in the present age, that display should show up in our relationship with the body of Christ and with the broader culture in which we live.

God gives us a responsibility in the Missio Dei. Whether in our vocation, family, or other spheres of influence, God calls us to honour him by reclaiming everything for His glory.

And sure, not everyone is called to move overseas, learn another language, or plant a church but all redeemed humanity have a part to play!

Presently we live between the times of the first and second comings of King Jesus and we find ourselves called to be ambassadors for God who created us and purchased us and with the blood of His Son. Our role now is to find out where God is at work in His world to redeem and restore all things and to work with Him towards the completion of that task when He returns.

So as you’re celebrating the first coming of Jesus this Christmas, and making plans and resolutions for the New Year, keep this in mind: you are called to play a vital role in the restoration of this world. What could that role be?

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