Hearing God


To get teenagers thinking about why they need to hear God, and how they practically achieve that.

Pro Tip:

During this session, help your youth think about how hearing God is not a distant concept but something that is very real, and an important part of their faith journey.

Big Idea:

When thinking about hearing God, we very easily jump straight to asking, ‘how do I hear God?’
But in order to properly hear God, we need to first understand why God is even speaking to us in the first place, and how he goes about it.

Key Statements:

God creates by speaking, and he speaks to his creation - and so he’s speaking to us.

Hearing God is part of the faith journey.
People who don’t hear God aren’t expecting God to speak to them.

Talk it Out:

  1. If you could change your first words from the usual mummy/daddy, to anything you wanted, what word would you choose?
  2. What's a piece of advice you have recived that has always stayed with you? why do you think is has stayed with you? (Leader Tip: Use this questions to highlight the God's words are eternal and so when he speaks to us, he wants it to stay with us forever.)
  3. Has God ever spoke to you before? what did He say & how did He say it?
  4. How can we help each other to hear God in our own lives?
  5. Read John 8:47. How do we make sure we are 'of God/belong to God'?


Pray over young people, Pray for firends to find Jesus


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