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The Ground Level Network exists as a family of churches that empower, support and care for the local church, its leaders and its ministries. We are seeking to have a growing influence in our world and believe that the Church is to be a prophetic voice that is characterised by a strong commitment to Word and Spirit.

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The Christian life isn't free from mourning or grieving. We will face time of struggle and upset. The last 18 months are evidence of this. But what sets us apart is the fact that the creator of heaven and earth himself is the one that comforts us and leads us through the process of mourning and grieving well. In the psalms we see that 1/3rd of all the psalms are lament psalms; people processing their mourning and grieving with God. And from these psalms we see the four-step process to working through our mourning. Step 1. Turn to God. The benefit of difficult times is the reminder that we can't do life on our own. We need God. Step 2. Bring your complaints. Share with God your hurts, frustrations, doubts, and pains. He's not afraid of them. In fact, the people that did this in the Bible were often described as friends of God. God wants you to be real with him. Step 3. Ask big. This is the moment you invite God to intervene into your situation. Don't be afraid to be specific with what you want and ask boldly. You've been given access to the God of all creation. Step 4. Choose to trust. Biblical lament should always lead you to this point. Whatever happens, whatever the outcome, we trust that God is in control. This might be scary and vulnerable, but this is the place where are faith is tested. Can we trust that God is good in the hard times as well as in the good? Biblical lament is hard and takes practice. But as we push through we experience a greater depth in our relationship with God. We also get to stand in the truth that "blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."


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